- angled brushes -

“What are those funky angled ones for?”

Our angled brushes are perfect for all those tricky areas that are hard to reach. Once you have used them you will have found out you were able to reach those areas you couldn't get into before, like inside hutches, horizontal spindles, under arms of a chair.. all those annoying spots another brush can't reach.
We have them in three different sizes, for each person this is just a preference.. if you use bigger brushes normally, you'll prefer the bigger angled brush more.. etc. 

- P16 -

Small Angled

Width: 0.5” (14mm)

Filaments length: 1.85" (42mm)

Handle: 10.4" (265mm) 


- P20 - 

Medium Angled

Width: 0.75” (17mm)

Filaments length: 1.85” (47mm)

Handle: 10.4" (265mm)


- P24 - 

Large Angled

Width: 0.9” (22mm) 

Filaments length 2.05" (52mm)

Handle: 10.4” (265mm)